Touch Screen Oxy-Energized Water Jet Foot & Leg Spa Bath Massager - Purple & White

Touch Screen Oxy-Energized Water Jet Foot & Leg Spa Bath Massager - Purple & White

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Treat your feet with this undeniable luxury comfort from aquatic therapy Utilizing the essential benefits of warm water exercise and hyperthermia healing rehabilitation this Touch Screen Oxy-Energized Water-Jet Foot Spa Massager makes hot-tub spa a natural and effective way to ease your foot pain and refresh meridians of lower body with its steaming air bubble water.

Its advanced touch screen panel with water-proof and LED backlight makes finger-tip control easier than ever. With its four motorized massage rollers and sixteen oxy-energized rotating nodes located inside the calf-deep water container when the water jet surfing system is activated it gives you hot-steam rolling massage on sole and effectively melts away your calf and foot muscle stress while you are enjoying the warm water soaking.

Features with three different rolling massage modes air bubble and red light therapy; it stimulates blood flow to stiff muscles and frozen joints and boosts circulation to bring oxygen to the muscles to soothe sore muscles on legs and feet. Equipped with water temperature automatic balancing system its smart thermal control device will be activated automatically to turn on or off the heating function to keep water warm.

Two powerful water jets circulate water with moist hot air bubbles which helps stimulate foot reflex zones and relieve your foot tension with motorized heated water rolling massage. Its pull handle and mobile casters ensure your flexibility when moving around inside house for storage or transport. You can put bath salt or tea bag into its built-in herbal bag container. Its extra large water container fits foot with any size.